Here is a little bit about my story. I have struggled with losing weight most of my life. Before puberty hit I was a very fit child. I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain any weight. I was also very active. When I turned 12, things in my life took a turn for the worse. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hit puberty. I was put on the medication Synthyroid and started to gain weight. It wasn’t until several years later that I realized I could no longer eat the way that I used to. To lbs started to pack on and I spent several years of having dealing with eating disorders before I realized that the answer to my health problems was right in front of me.

The food that we put in to our bodies along with how we maintain our stress and activity levels from our everyday lives has a huge impact on our overall health. Because of this I decided to go to school to understand the relationship between on health and food. I graduated with my Degree in Nutrition in 2009 from the University of Dayton, OH and then went on to get my Masters Degree in Public Health Nutrition in 2012. I am got certified to teach Spin, Turbokick & Piyo group fitness classes and taught classes for a few years before taking my business to the next level and going full-time.

My interest in understanding how hypothyroidism affected the body was one of the reasons I decided to get my degree in Nutrition. I want to help & educate others who were experiencing problems with their thyroids on how to eat properly to avoid weight gain.

Over the past year I have really focused on how to heal my thyroid through nutrition. Through learning how to eat in a way to increase my thyroid function instead of just relying on medication to keep it working, I have been able to do a 180 with the way that I feel on a daily basis. I no longer suffer from brain fog, sudden weight gain, fatigue, weakness & sluggishness.

I am always open to working with NEW individuals and helping them becoming healthier and happier in the body they have. I run monthly 21 day fitness, weight loss and accountability groups to help individuals who are struggling to lose weight and/or suffering from conditions that make it harder to lose weight. To learn more about these groups please apply here.

Look forward to getting to know you!!