Module 1: Welcome to the team training!

Lesson 1

Welcome to the training!

Lesson 2

What is your role as a coach

Lesson 3

WHAT you will get from coaching

Lesson 4

WHY should you invest your time in this business/what’s possible

Lesson 5

How to share and not sell

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MODULE 2: “To do’s” for first week as a coach

Lesson 1

Navigating your coach online office

Lesson 2

Understanding how to set preferred placement

Lesson 3

Understanding importance of success starter

Lesson 4

Financial benefits of hitting success club

Lesson 5

Getting your store front set up for business

Profile Picture On Facebook

STEP 1: the privacy settings on your Facebook to PUBLIC

*Click the Lock symbol at the top of the page & you will see options to make things public

Step 2: Your Profile pic!!

First impressions are everything! You never get a second chance to make a first impression so make it count! Sometimes your profile picture is as important as the content on the rest of the page! It’s your first chance to say something about you!

You want your profile picture to build trust & loyalty! Think of your Facebook as your reality TV show- why should people want to follow you?
I like to follow people who I admire, are well put together and who I want to learn from.

Some profile picture DONT’S:

  1. Girls Night out- Drink in Hand. Do you really want to be remembered as the party girl? You look FUN but you don’t look competent
  2. *Group Shots- +1s Allowed…… +5s, Not So Much — If you want your BFF or significant other to join in on the fun, that’s totally okay. It starts getting confusing when you’re posting a huge group shot as your profile picture. Which one are you again?
  3. Dark/Blurry Pics -Poor Formatting: Pixelated, blurred, stretched, poorly framed, squashed otherwise known as circus mirror syndrome
  4. A picture of your kids, your cat or something that ISN’T you- Um do I really need to explain this?


  1. Find a bright space filled with natural light and with a plain / neutral background.
  2. Make sure the camera isn’t too close or your face to avoid an unflattering angle. Ask your friend to stand back a bit and even though they may be getting some of your body in frame, you can crop this out later on. No friend? Use a timer app!
  3. Try various degrees of smiling, from a barely there smile in your eyes to a broad grin. Think about what expression is appropriate for business and shows your personality!
  4. Remember, it’s not a beauty contest – it’s about appearing polished but not overdoing it on the hair and make-up
  5. Learn Some Photoshop Basics — Removing red eye, auto-adjusting levels, and upping the contrast are all really easy tricks you can do to make your images really shine!!!!
  6. ACTION STEP: Take a look at your profile picture! Are you an offender on the “Don’t” list? How can you improve your Facebook First Impression? Upload a New Profile pic!

Lesson 6

BRANDING/connecting with your NICHE

Attracting your ideal Customer

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Understanding how you make money

Lesson 11

What is the team cycle bonus/how to earn it

Lesson 12


Lesson 13

Jabs & Hooks for your Beachbody Business

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MODULE 3: Building blocks of the business

Lesson 1

Differences between ranks- emerald/diamond/star diamond

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Time Management/priorities

Insane productivity with insane schedule- Andrea Crowder

Melanie Mitro Time MGT

Lesson 4

Working the business when you have a full time job

Lesson 5

Creating your Daily TO do list based on your goals and schedule

Lesson 6

Goal setting

Lesson 7

Importance of personal development (list of personal development from Kati Hefner)

Understanding Network Marketing:

  1. Go Pro- Eric Worre
  2. 45 Second Presentation- Don Failla
  3. How to be a Network Marketing Superstar- Mary Christensen
  4. How to be a Recruiting Superstar- Mary Christensen
  5. How To Sell Network Marketing (without fear, anxiety or losing you friends!)- Michael Oliver
  6. Beachmoney- Jordan Adler
  7. Rock Your Network Marketing Business- Sarah Robbins
  8. Your First Year in Network Marketing- Mark Yarnell
  9. Building a Network Marketing Business- Scott Welle
  10. Building Your Network Marketing Business- Jim Rohn
  11. The Psychology of Selling- Brian Tracy
  12. FlipFlop CEO

Daily Discipline/Time Management:

  1. The Slight Edge- Jeff Olson
  2. The Compound Effect- Darren Hardy
  3. Eat that Frog- Brian Tracy
  4. No Excuses- Brian Tracy
  5. The ONE Thing- Gary Keller
  6. Go For No- Richard Fenton
  7. The Power of Habit-Charles Duhigg
  8. Change Anything- Kerry Patterson
  9. Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard- Chip Heath
  10. Self Discipline in 10 Days- Theodore Bryant
  11. Power of Focus- Jack Canfield
  12. Living Your Best Year ever- Darren Hardy
  13. Getting Things Done- David Allen
  14. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen R Covey


  1. You Can, You Will- Joel Osteen
  2. The Magic of Thinking Big- David Schwartz
  3. The Charge- Brenden Buchard
  4. Lifes Golden Ticket- Brenden Buchard
  5. The Power of Intention- Wayne Dyer
  6. Crush it- Gary Vaynerchuk
  7. Outperform the Norm- Scott Welle
  8. Maximum Confidence- Jack Canfield
  9. Awaken The Giant Within- Tony Robbins
  10. What is Your What- Steve Olsher
  11. Failing Forward- John C. Maxwell
  12. Playing Big- Tara Mohr
  13. Girlboss- Sophia Amoruso
  14. Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters- Jon Acuff
  15. Quitter: Closing the Gap Between your Day Job and your Dream Job- Jon Acuff16. Every Day a Friday- Joel Osteen
  16. Living an Exceptional Life- Jim Rohn
  17. Daring Greatly- Brene Brown


  1. How to Win Friends & Influence People- Dale Carnegie
  2. Start with WHY- Simon Sinek
  3. The Go Giver- Bob Berg
  4. The Go Giver Sells More- Bob Berg
  5. Developing the Leader Within- John C Maxwell
  6. Developing the Leaders Around You- John C Maxwell
  7. Personality Plus- Florence Littauer
  8. Just Listen- Mark Goulston
  9. The Fred Factor- Mark Sandborn
  10. Everybody Communicates, Few Connect- John C Maxwell
  11. Five Love Languages- Gary Chapman

Social Media:

  1. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook- Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Platform- Michael Hyatt
  3. Likeable Social Media- David Kerpen
  4. Crush It: Why Now is the Time…-Gary Vaynerchuk

Goal Setting:

  1. PUSH- Chalene Johnson
  2. Goals!- Brian Tracey
  3. The Desire Map- Danielle LaPorte
  4. Unlimited- Jillian Michaels


  1. Tribes- Seth Godin
  2. Entreleadership- Dave Ramsey
  3. Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill
  4. Pretty much ANY book by John C Maxwell
  5. Born to Win- Zig Ziglar
  6. The Success Principles- Jack Canfield
  7. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership- John Maxwell
  8. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone- Simon Sinek
  9. People Follow You- Jeb Blount10. Strengths Finder 2.0- Tom Rath

Nutrition and Clean Eating:

  1. Eat Clean Recharged- Tosca Reno
  2. Made to Crave- Lysa Turkeurst


Struggling with CONFIDENCE?

“Every Day a Friday” – Joel Osteen
“Unlimited” – Jillian Michael’s

Struggling with TIME MANAGEMENT?

“Eat That Frog” – Brian Tracy
“Push” – Chalene Johnson (

Struggling with LEADERSHIP?

“Developing The Leadership Within” – John Maxwell
“People Follow You” – Jeb Blount


“Eat Clean Recharged” – Tosca Reno
“Made to Crave” – Lysa Turkeurst


“Go Pro” – Eric Worre
“Rock Your Network Marketing Business” – Sarah Robbins


“How to Win Friends and Influence people” – Dale Carnegie
“Five Love Languages” – Gary Chapman

Struggling with CONSISTENCY and achieving your goals?

“Slight Edge” – Jeff Olson
“Compound Effect” – Darren Hardy
Some ideas to get you rollin’

Lesson 8

IMPORTANCE OF 3 VITAL BEHAVIORS/being the product of the product

Lesson 9

A day in the life of a Beachbody

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MODULE 4: Understanding social media for your business

Lesson 1

How to build TRUST via social media

Lesson 2

Personal pages for Facebook

Lesson 3

Basic tips on Social Media

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Different social media platforms

Using Like pages on Facebook

Anita Miron

Leslie Kortes

Using Instagram for your business

Micah Folsom

Chelsea Pearson

Kelly Hanner

Using VIDEOS to connect with audience

Using PINTEREST to build your business

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Module 5: Planning out your month for success

Lesson 1

Strategically setting your business up for SUCCESS

Lesson 2


Role play of forming

Lesson 3

Connecting with people to grow your business

Part 1- Warm Market

Part 2- Cold Market

Lesson 4

Running free groups

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Module 6: Everything you need to know about challenge groups

Lesson 1

How to Invite to Your Challenge Group

Lesson 2

Importance of challenge groups & how to promote them

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Inviting to a challenge group

Lesson 6

Scripts for inviting to challenge groups

(These are examples that have worked for other coaches, please use them as a reference and put your own personal touch and spin on them)

  1. Getting someone from free group to challenge group
  2. Inviting from event to challenge group
  3. Inviting from fb post to challenge group
  4. Inviting to warm market to challenge group/try a product
  5. Challenge group pack comparison guide

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

A Call on how to run a Facebook Event

How to run it

How to mass invite to a Facebook event using chrome

Lesson 9

Lesson 10

Turning challengers in to coaches

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MODULE 7: Building & growing your team

Lesson 1

Identifying coach prospects/ how to recruit them

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Understanding that NO doesn’t always mean NO

Lesson 4

Running a sneak peek

Behind the Scenes with Megs Sneak Peeks

Lesson 5

Building your team on Social Media

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MODULE 8: Achieving EMERALD (7 days to achieving this goal)

Lesson 1

Step 1:

I am so excited you are working towards achieving your first PROMOTION to yourself in your business- EMERALD!

Commit to YOURSELF and this goal and really do the work and put it ALL in and I have NO DOUBT you will hit this goal in 7 days or LESS! And GUESS WHAT !? Even if you have ZERO coaches, you are only two coaches away from Emerald.

Emerald really was the moment that I realized how much potential I had in this business and made everything so real to me. Lots of you hear me say…emerald was when I started taking the business seriously and believing in myself. I was one of those coaches who said “No matter what it takes I am going to be emerald, no matter how I got it!” My first two coaches? My mom and dad!! Super simple….I had the rank….this allowed me to EARN TEAM CYCLE BONUS & the customer referrals from Beachbody for being emerald, then the success club leads for being emerald AND hitting Success club.The majority of coaches who are married or dating someone seriously have that person sign up as a coach and work their business for them. We will get into that in more detail in the days to come :)

There are SO MANY amazing reasons to strive for this Milestone.

  1. Rank Advancement , Recognition , Leadership Role
  2. Customer Leads (Free Customers)
  3. Shakeology Leads (Free Money) when you achieve emerald with Success Club 10 in a month
  4. Team Cycle Bonus (above your commissions)
  5. Fast Start Bonus (From new coaches that sign up with a cp )

Emerald is where it’s at!! If you are a new coach or you been doing this for a while you NEED to advance your business to Emerald, it’s just the next step if you want to make this your business or maximize your earning potential – and of course, PAY THIS OPPORTUNITY FORWARD!

Any questions right now on Emerald: what it means, how it helps and how to get there? Send those questions to your up line coach :)

Lesson 2

Step 2:

Do you BELIEVE you can achieve emerald this week? Are you one foot in, one foot out with your business? In order to be successful you’ve gotta jump both feet in and GO for it. I KNOW you can do it…do you fully believe you can or is it still kind of like a “what if” type thing?? If it is, we gotta work on that :) with the BELIEF comes the changes

Please watch the video by Caleb Thomas on the importance of Emerald

Action steps (post below or message your up line with this information)

1. Write the names of your rockstar challengers, friends & family who you know would support you OR would want to do this themselves. Then reach out to those people today via text message, facebook, e-mail, face to face, start connecting with them!

2. I want you to take 5 minutes today and with a sheet a paper & pen I want you to write your story out. But I don’t want you to write it out in full paragraphs. Write three columns: BEFORE, DURING, NOW/GOAL then in the BEFORE COLUMN I want you to write about how you felt BEFORE Beachbody entered your life: Unhealthy, unfit, low self-esteem, no community, no sense of self worth, no nutrition education….etc. then in the DURING write what tools helped/is helping you get to your NOW/GOAL. This is how you CRAFT YOUR STORY…..YOUR STORY is what people want to hear

Lesson 3

Step 3:

I am so proud of each of you for reaching out to those GO TO PEOPLE from your lists this week. It’s not easy, they may say no, they may say HELL NO, but that’s just their answer right now. They’ll come back, but they will only know if they have the opportunity IF YOU ASK!! We assume everyone knows, but did you know you could do this? Probably not, so it’s up to us to share with others about this opportunity then it is up to them <3

So now you have your columns, your storyline. Now craft this together into ONE PIECE, ONE STORY — how were you before? How did Shakeology help you? How did your coach help you? How did enrolling as a coach help you? All those things matter, because you need to HIGHLIGHT the change for others to see!

1. Hearing and seeing your transformation

2. You Asking the right questions about why they want to do this and why they need it.

So for today comment below or send to your up line coach:

1. Write out your story. I don’t care how long, you can type it in Word or you can type it in Google or whatever so we can hear your story and YOU GET COMFORTABLE putting it out there!

2. When was your power hour? Who did you ask about coaching or challenge group?

Lesson 4

Step 4:

Woah, you’re almost through this training!! Alright let’s get back to Emerald! Do you TRULY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY KNOW you will hit Emerald??

Really though… Do you?? Start replacing those “what if” “Can I?” “Yeah but” statements with “Hell YEAH!” …and that’s when the magic happens

Today, I am going to WALK YOU THROUGH how to get to Emerald, sound good?


You have two coaches that are ACTIVE (meaning, have 50PV or MORE in a 35 day period, preferably on Shakeology HD).

One on your right and one on your left (Please reach out to your coach to help you with preferred placement & watch this:

Complete Beachbody profile

So WHO DO YOU SIGN UP to become emerald right away?

Summary of benefits of having a spouse reach emerald:

They can put volume through their spouse so they can double dip on the team cycle bonus.

Both spouses receive customer leads by being emerald. Also, let them know that they want to sign up their spouse as soon as possible because you never know when a super star will come into your organization. Your spouse needs to sign up before that super star signs up not after. This will benefit both your business centers (you and your spouse) not just one.
-There is also a call featuring Jason Diebold that really explains why it’s a great investment to sign up two of your immediate family members if you don’t have a friend who’s willing to do it.

Listen to the call

Who ELSE can you talk to about signing up as a coach?

The next obvious choices are your mom and dad (this is what I did!!) & I would have customer order through their site once every 5 weeks to stay active
People you know and who love/trust you. “I need your support in starting my business.” ‘I just started my coaching business with Beachbody and I need your support by signing up as a coach’. (my sister, friends who were doing challenge groups, people on shakeology)

Sign up a challenger as a coach (you have seen templates for this in the past modules) I usually wait till week 2-3 of a challenge group or when we discuss their next shipment for Shakeology. I tell them how awesome they were in the group, how proud I am of them and how I appreciate how much they helped others. It kind of looks like this:
o “Hey ____!!! I just wanted to tell you how great you’re doing in the challenge group! You’ve been so helpful and you’re seeing awesome results. The other girls in the group seem to really look up to you. I know you said you were loving the program and shakeology and because you’re being so helpful with your encouragement in the group, I wanted to ask you, have you ever thought about coaching?!”

o They will respond with “yeah but…” or “it’s been on my mind!” or “no I’m not at my goal weight” and we just keep the convo going, some sign up within a few days, others take a few months! But you have to plant the seed!

Shakeology customers who would sign up for the discount

Remember: both coaches must have “active status” (50PV or MORE – preferably Shakeology Autoship, which is 90PV).

HOMEWORK (Post Below or send to your upline coach):

  1. Do I Fully Understand WHAT Emerald Is and The BENEFITS of reaching Emerald Status?
  2. Do I have “go to people” that I could sign up right away? Who? Have you asked them?
  3. Do I have challengers that might love to Pay it forward or even just enjoy a discount on Shakeology? Who? When are you going to ask?
  4. Have I added at least 5 ppl to my contact list daily? How can I do that everyday and add More than 5 ppl daily. (Soccer, Twitter, Referrals, Insta, School, Fb, youtube, Events)
  5. Did you ask your spouse, mom , dad, relative or close friend if they would support you in your business?
  6. Also, I want each of you to set up a time to RECORD your story (I know kind of scary!) but no one will see this, unless you share it with them! This is SO important for your business, so share with us when you will do this!

Lesson 5

Step 5:

Good Morning! Way to go — I am so pumped to see you all take this seriously! Emerald is a big step in your business, in your life and in your personal growth!! HAVE YOU GONE PUBLIC YET?! How do you want anyone to join you (Challenge and/or Coaching) if they don’t even know what you do!?? This is often a major AHA moment for many coaches. But HOW do you do it properly? How do you share with your social Media Following that you are a coaching and ready to grow your team?? There are a few ways…

  1. Learn from people that have already gone public and duplicate that strategy. (No this doesn’t mean hitting copy/paste) Take some key ingredients from a top coach…or even use my posts as a guideline. A before and after picture of a photo you explaining what coaching has done for you and how it has positively impacted your life. You don’t even have to add a call to action (leave email or msg me type of thing) you can just leave it as a story and Plant that seed with your social media following (DO THIS TODAY!)
  2. Individually msg your Top Ten , your Family , Best friends, Active Friends, Siblings, Challengers and Go to People. Yes…they might say no…but what if they say yes? Even if that’s not right now! See the 5 steps conversation example for reaching out to ppl individually. Make those CONNECTIONS first!!! Don’t just bring this up out of the blue….BTW following 5 people a day on IG or liking pictures doesn’t not count as a connection. I think it should be referred to as forming FRIENDSHIPS… Aim to make 5 new friends every day. Reach out to them and put yourself out there.
  3. Share that you are ready to Grow Your team. You’ve probably seen me do “Help Wanted” posts on FB (new coach training, what is coaching calls, 5 day sneak peaks). This is a great way to share what you do. But I’d caution you to not rely on this.. It because they KNOW me…they TRUST me. I don’t ask for much on my pages and I typically have provided value all week. It’s also not coming out of left field. My followers know I’m a fitness professional and own my own biz. Posting a “Help Wanted” offers them a piece of that goodness.
  4. FOLLOW UP!! The fortune is in the follow up. Do you have a List of all your contacts and friends ? This is why it’s so important to be Tracking your progress and adding 5 new FRIENDS to your list every day. Take today to send each person a 2 sentence follow up. Just asking how they are. THAT’S ALL! Don’t ask for anything. This is the time to genuinely connect with them, just ask how they’re doing.

Homework (post below or message your up line coach):

  1. Have you added any coaches? How many people have you asked to coaching?
  2. If you have asked people, what are you their responses or objections?
  3. What’s your going public Strategy? How are you going to share what you’re doing? Are you going to share your new fitness journey, mention you’ve teamed up with your coach, chat with your upline and maybe they can do a shout out for you welcoming to the team.

Lesson 6

Step 6:

How have you felt over the last couple steps/days reaching towards this goal? I know for many of you, your business will never be the same! I know a few of you are hearing some objections from your immediate circles and maybe not getting the support you were hoping for. That is so normal! & honestly, you should let that fuel you!!! I got into this business to not have to rely on friends and family to help me. I wanted to build something huge. So if your spouse or parents aren’t really into this, especially after you’ve taken the time to talk to them about it seriously. Then that’s OK! It’s time to start building relationships anyways & spend time with those WHO WANT TO HELP YOU (or themselves!!)
Here is an amazing video to discuss OBJECTIONS and FEAR

THE BIGGEST FEAR: everyone’s biggest fear when first starting out is getting rejected. We all need to look at objections and rejections in a new light. Don’t take it personal & get out there and DO IT! The only way you can get over this hump and start having success in your business is by moving out of your comfort zone. Rejection ISN’T your Enemy: if instead of taking rejection personal you just handle it in the right way and keep moving forward you will have positive outcomes from it. Have Training BEFORE presenting this yourself: all new coaches need to know that before they go talk to everyone they know about this business and the products they need to be properly trained on how to do so. ESPECIALLY with friends, family, spouse, etc. (when presenting to a prospect add that in at the end of your presentation so they know not to RUN to their spouse and explain it wrong LOL.

Approach It Right: If people are approached right about this they aren’t rejecting YOU they are rejecting your offer if the timing is not right. Handling Objections: When someone says they aren’t interested THATS OK… timing is everything and it may just not be the right time for them. Gently back off, stay in contact with them monthly and follow up with them in 4-6 months about the business but ALWAYS stay in constant contact (not regarding the biz) ALSO:

INTENTIONS: if your intentions are right you won’t take the rejection harshly … ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE!
3 Step Process: 1. Validate 2. Explain 3. Ask validate the persons concern, explain the REAL TRUTH gently, and ask does that make you feel better or does that make sense?
DON’T AVOID Rejection: A lot of coaches will say nothing, do nothing, and never ASK if someone is interested in shakeology, biz, or products because they want to avoid this rejections and that is a main problem with growing their business. Instead strive to be well received…(the following are great tips but also read the book GO FOR NO!)

BELIEF: have absolute belief in this and the products and are persistent Getting Them on Board: don’t try to FORCE anyone to be supportive of this (friends, family, spouse) just concentrate and focus on YOUR attitude and they will follow TRUST ME!

USE US AS EXAMPLES: instead of feeling insecure as a newer coach use your upline coaches as examples and credibility. I often use Meg & Jenelle as examples but over the last 4 months I have a new sense of confidence with myself and my business, so I don’t reference them as often <3

PERSONAL GROWTH: if you don’t have belief and confidence that’s ok it’s learnable. But you need to be reading and listening to audio and work your YOU! It will come I promise!! (as you grow personally so does your business and as your business grows so do you)

DONT FOCUS ON REJECTIONS: a lot of new coaches are nervous and are building their business slowly and this is a HUGE MISTAKE. By only talking to a small amount of people weekly you are setting yourself up for focusing on rejections. Out of 10 presentations 1 will say yes is the ratio so to avoid this from happening get out there and talk to MORE people and you will get MORE yes’s which will help you to stay focus on the positive. YOUR SUCCESS WILL BE IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE YOU REACH OUT TO AND HELP ON A REGULAR BASIS!!
Numbers Game: Everyone is doing this business similar those who are most successful just are talking to MORE people every day. everyone on this calls needs to commit to talking to more people FOR YOU… this will help you grow and be more positive.

ENTHUSIASM: people will feel your excitement and passion so make sure while presenting this biz/products you are showing your enthusiasm
Present it ALL: when you are talking to a new person don’t just focus on ONE thing… make sure they see the entire picture. They need to know they have ALL these tools, support, etc not just shakeology or not just p90x etc. But the COMMUNITY that


Post below or message your up line with this:

  1. Did you go public yesterday!?? We would love to see your post — either copy and paste it here or you can share the link! <3
  2. What were your top TWO takeaways from today’s post and the videos?
  3. Based on today’s post have you had an aha moment? Is there someone you have been scared to approach? Have you maybe not seen objections as a good thing!!??
  4. I would love to see your list of people you HAVE ASKED And an emerald drawing (you then two lines below your name with two circles, are those circles empty or filled with NEW COACHES?

Lesson 7

Step 7:

Good Morning!! You made it through this training! I am so proud of you — each & every one of you!! Even if you did not hit emerald this week, you are so much closer than you were before doing this! Let’s review some TOP TAKEAWAYS and TOP TOOLS for presenting the business, being confident in yourself and how to advance to Emerald and what happens when the new coach enrolls?!

I do want to give you ONE MORE TIP: Do not think everyone is going to say YES! Don’t ask with the expectation of them saying yes, because it wont happen! They will say no, they will say it’s a bad time, it’s not for them, they aren’t at their goal weight….they will. And that’s okay because now you have their attention! They’re watching you, they’re watching themselves, they’re seeing how this whole ‘coaching’ thing works….and as you SHOW UP every month by running challenge groups, sharing your story, being successful, grooming new coaches, adding to your team, they will message you and say, “I want to be part of that” so don’t go into the question with the expectation they will say yes, GO FOR NO! because later on it will be a yes

Now to review…

  1. Defined Emerald (so now you can pass this onto your new coaches!)
  2. Developed your story
  3. Recorded your story to SHARE with others as a tool to present the opportunity
  4. Shared your new journey publicly
  5. Have a list of 100 people with your top coaching prospects highlighted to work off of and invite to the coaching opportunity
  6. Learned how to handle objections
  7. Why it’s important to enroll your spouse

Okay, so now you’re emerald or maybe you have ONE new coach….what do you do?

  1. Find out if they want to work the business or just be a discount coach
  2. Add them to the team groups (your upline and diamond upline) with a warm welcome
  3. Send them a welcome e-mail
  4. Send them to this website to start doing the new coach training
  5. Get on the PHONE with them to define: goals, success club, power hour, success starter, financial goals, etc. to help them navigate
  6. Share tools with them that were helpful for you when you started!

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Diamond Check list by Jenelle Summers

How to achieve diamond in 1 week

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Module 10: Working towards a part time/full time income from coaching

Lesson 1

Hobby vs business owner

Lesson 2

Setting the foundation for a 6 figure income

Lesson 3

Mindy Wenders 6 figure check list

Lesson 4

Importance of dream boards and VISION

Lesson 5

Leader vs management

Lesson 6

How to avoid BURN OUT

Lesson 7

Lesson 8

Tracking your Beachbody Business

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