Your body is a TEMPLE!Why LESS is MORE when it comes to weightloss!

After a few weeks of reflecting… I finally was able to connect the dots on WHY I have been suffering from all these “conditions” — candida, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances etc etc etc., I wasn’t treating my body like a temple.
It’s so easy to fall in to treating our bodies like they’re not “enough”. We obsess over the way we look and never stop and realize that what we are doing on a daily basis could be the reasons WHY our bodies are rebelling against us. 
When it comes to LOVING your body– less is MORE. Killing ourselves in hours upon hours of high intensity work outs or cutting out calories down to pretty much NOTHING is not the way our bodies were intended to be treated. When we do those sort of things it causes stress on EVERYTHING– which in turn leads to more stress put on our organ & food sensitivities that come out of NO WHERE and guess what?? Usually leads to unwanted WEIGHT GAIN!
That’s not very fun huh??
You’d think that by eating less and working out more– like society tells us to do to lose weight– we’d lose weight! Quite the contrary!!
What do I believe will bring you results??
My TOP tips:
1. Treat your body with respect- stop the negative talk and focus on the things you LOVE about yourself!
2. Less is more– focus on getting in 30 min of exercise daily– that’s all you NEED to reap the benefits of exercise!
3. Focus in on your nutrition- you want to make sure you’re eating ENOUGH calories to keep a healthy metabolism. Many of you would be shocked at how many calories you can really eat to lose weight! Waaaay more than the 1200 number I keep seeing floating around!
Eat MORE natural, unprocessed food and LESS processed junk! If it came from the earth or had a mama you’re good to go 
4. Take a chill pill- seriously… CHILL OUT! Give yourself time everyday just to relax and unwind. Your body NEEDS that to fight off the daily stresses that pop up. Stress is one of the worst things for our health!!!
Think you could put these in to action? Know someone these tips could help? Make sure you share these with them!!